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Career coaching

An assessment of the current situation with regard to a career turning point is the right occasion to become aware of one’s own abilities, strengths and potential and to derive a strategy for professional reorientation from this. A career coaching helps in this situation.

Benefits for the employer
  • Facilitates and supports adaptation to changing market conditions, allows potential to be identified, promotes employee motivation and can prevent unnecessary know-how drain
  • Clarifies skills and suitability
  • Identifies reasons for loss of performance and unused potential
  • Clarifies suitability for an upcoming promotion
  • Recognizes the challenges of a new leadership role
  • Detects latent dissatisfaction or passive resistance
  • Shows differences between external and internal image (self-reflection)
  • Enables leaders to better recognize their abilities and to implement them productively
  • Promotes sustainable professional success
Benefits for the leader
  • Increases personal responsibility
  • Promotes self-reflection
  • Clarifies the suitability for the current or future function
  • Clarifies talent, potential and market potential
  • Enabled to use one’s own strengths actively and in a more focused way and to communicate how to achieve the individual maximum performance
  • Shows in which professional context enthusiasm, identification, joy and personal success are the greatest
Content and aim

Individual career management consulting and coaching limited to 10 weeks, including

  • assessment of the current situation and definition of personal goals
  • Preparation of measures (internal or external)
  • Developing new contacts and networks
  • Clarify job market if necessary
  • Interview training, self-marketing

Aim: Concrete development and implementation plan for achieving short and medium-term career goals