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LeadersGate connects executives, entrepreneurs and board members with leading companies. We are bridge builders, networkers and career developers. We support selected leaders, companies, industry associations and multinational corporations in the realisation of cross-organizational networks.

Executive Career Development

Professional networks are usually based on company or sector-specific contacts that are only of limited help in a phase of reorientation.

The job market for managers is challenging and not transparent. The increasingly challenging economic situation since the corona virus and the associated turbulence and uncertainty make the search for interesting opportunities much more difficult.

We support managers in the job search phase and act as coach and bridge builder. We clarify the competencies, strengths and potential of the executive and define a successful strategy for achieving realistic goals together with the leader.

We establish contacts with potential employers and work on career development. We consider opportunities and risks in a complex, non-transparent and rapidly changing market environment. We help to achieve ambitious goals.

Use us as your bridge builder. Get new contacts and clarity about your goals and take advantage of professional advice.

We at LeadersGate support you.

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