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LeadersGate – the Successors Network

Transformational succession solutions to help your business thrive.

Successor Pools for the future

Succession planning is one of the most important jobs in an organisation, yet many companies struggle with doing it effectively, if at all.

Building up external successors for specific key functions requires a strong understanding of the skills an organisation needs and the ability to identify leaders who have those skills and could step into a new role and be successful.

With LeadersGate you can build and maintain functional and competency-based external successor pools for critical key functions in your business. Through targeted and purposeful contacts with highly skilled business leaders, you are also able to ensure, that your company has always access to carefully selected successors with the skills they need to thrive as they step into new roles.

LeadersGate identifies and connects excellent business leaders with outstanding companies and helps multinational firms building and maintaining their successor plans. LeadersGate enables leaders and companies to manage difficult change with foresight.

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April 2018:

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